The legacy Obtuse Bard website remains available at

The Obtuse Bard: The Allusions of Winslow Homer

I hope you find this material interesting, but more than that, I hope it helps you enter the personal private phenomenological world of Winslow Homer, which he embodied in his works.

Peter Bueschen
copyright 1992 - 2015

The slideshow was initially prepared in 1992. The original pictures were slides and were archived as Kodak Photo CD's. Recently I converted the original script with an OCR product. Some OCR errors may still remain, most commonly l for I. It was first converted to this web format October 2014. What you see here now is no longer the original, but a revised version that is still being being expanded and revised. Sometimes when you reload a page you may notice changes.

The legacy Obtuse Bard website remains available at

This slideshow is available at The Obtuse Bard website