A New Web Presentation ― November 2015!

No artist has merged and expressed his “imaginative illusions” or “visions of the soul” with the visual reality of Nature more extensively and at the same time with such minimal distortion of realism than Winslow Homer.

Since 1988, I have been attempting to share and explain the “in addition to” images I see in Winslow Homer’s art. With this latest presentation, you will see some of Homer's imaginative illusions, realize that he painted these illusions consciously and intentionally, and learn some of the reasons why he did this.

The Hidden Light of Winslow Homer

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Below are older items that are perhaps less effective, but more complete.

The Personal Illusions of Winslow Homer, The Obtuse Bard

·         Introductory Background and Overview


·         SLIDESHOW - The Personal Illusions of Winslow Homer
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·         Only after viewing and reading the above, then read these materials from John La Farge.


The oldest materials, including the two original papers written in 1990 (with extensive footnotes and references), are still available at http://obtusebard.org/homer


I hope you find this material interesting, but more than that, I hope it helps you enter the personal private phenomenological world of Winslow Homer, which he embodied in his works.

Peter Bueschen